Maeve Recessed Cage Industrial Ceiling Fan For Indoor And Outdoor Porch Patio Kitchen Bedroom Farmhouse


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  • Introducing our efficient and versatile fan with integrated LED lighting. The motor operates with a power range of 15-20W. ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.
  • The LED lights offer a fixed color temperature of 3000K. providing a warm and inviting illumination to enhance the ambiance of your space. With a power of 8W per LED unit and a total of four LED lights. they deliver ample brightness to light up your surroundings.
  • Please note that this model does not have a memory function to remember the previous lighting settings. However. the fixed color temperature ensures consistent lighting output each time you turn on the fan.
  • Enjoy personalized airflow with the fan’s six-speed levels. ranging from a gentle breeze at level 1 (503 RPM) to a powerful airflow at level 6 (853 RPM). Choose the desired fan speed to create a comfortable and refreshing environment.
  • For added convenience. the fan is equipped with a timer function that allows you to set the operating duration. Whether you prefer a one-hour cooldown. a two-hour relaxation period. or a longer four-hour cycle. the timer provides flexibility to suit your needs.
  • Enhance the comfort and functionality of your space with this reliable fan and LED lighting combination. Perfect for bedrooms. living rooms. offices. and more. it provides a cool breeze and pleasing illumination to create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere.


  • Motor Power: 15-20W
  • LED Power: 8W * 4
  • LED Color Temperature: 3000K
  • Lighting Features: Fixed Color Temperature. No Memory Function
  • Fan Speed Levels: 1 (503 RPM) – 6 (853 RPM)
  • Timer Settings: 1 Hour. 2 Hours. 4 Hours

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